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How to Put Wood Doors on a Metal Shed : Just 5 Steps [DIY]

How to Put Wood Doors on a Metal Shed

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Metal sheds are a popular choice for storage because they’re durable and easy to maintain, but they can also be quite hot in the summer, making them less than ideal for storing sensitive items. Sometimes, they seem rather plain and dull in their appearance.

If you’re looking for a way to add some character to your metal shed or eliminate hot spots, one option is to install wood doors. It won’t be difficult if you know how to put wood doors on a metal shed in a systematic way and have the necessary tools and materials.

In this guideline, we’ll outline for you the total process and give some benefits of a successful installation. So, let’s get started.

How to Put Wood Doors on a Metal Shed: Easy Steps Guideline

How to Put Wood Doors on a Metal Shed A Step By Step Guideline

One of the great things about metal sheds is that they are relatively easy to customize. You can add windows, doors, and other features to change the look and feel of the shed to better suit your needs. It is not difficult to attach wood doors to metal sheds. With a few resources and some basic knowledge, anyone can do it.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to install metal shed doors with wood:

Tools and Materials Needed

Before you begin, it’s good to have all the tools and materials you need close at hand. This will make the job go much faster and avoid any potential delays. For this project, you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Router (optional)
  • Security screws (optional)
  • Latch or lock
  • Weatherstripping
  • Door sweep
  • Paint or stain (optional)
  • Paint brush or roller (optional)
  • Clean cloth (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Once you have gathered all the tools and materials, you are ready to start installing your wood doors.

Step One: Take Measurements of the Shed’s Door

You will want to ensure that the door opening for your shed is big enough for your needs. You can do this by measuring the door opening with a tape measure. If you are putting wooden doors around a shed made of metal, you have to factor in the hardware used. 

This hardware includes the hinges and the latch. The hinges will need to be flush with the door opening, and the latch has to be centered in the opening. Once you have measured the door opening, you can determine what size shed door you should purchase. Make sure to leave enough room for the hardware when making your decision.

Step Two: Cutting the New Wood Door

Once you have the measurements, you can mark out the rough opening on the piece of wood you are using for the door. Then, using a saw, cut along the lines you have marked. 

Always make sure that the door is cut to the correct size, as an improperly sized door can cause problems when trying to install it. To add a nice touch, you can use a router to round over the edges of the door, and don’t forget to add security screws to make the door more durable.

Step Three: Hang the New Door

Step three in the process of replacing an old metal shed door with a new wood door is to attach it to the shed. To do this, you will need first to remove the old door. This can be done by unscrewing the hinges from the door frame and then lifting the door of the frame. 

Once the old door is removed, you can then position the new door in the opening. It is essential to make sure the door is level and plumb before screwing it into place. Having placed the door in position, you can screw the hinges into place and reattach them to the door frame.

Step Four: Secure the door in place

It’s time to secure it in place. You will need to use some type of weatherstripping around the door to create a seal. This will help keep out any drafts and moisture. You can also use a door sweep on the bottom of the door. 

Once the weatherstripping is in place, you can add a latch or lock to keep the door closed. If you are using a keyed lock, make sure to keep a spare key somewhere safe in case you lose the original.

Step Five: Paint or Stain the Door as Desired

Painting or staining your door is a great way to bring personality to your wooden shed and protect it from the elements. If you’re using a metal storage shed, you’ll need to follow a few different steps to prepare the door before painting or staining

First, sand the door to rough up the surface and help the paint or stain adhere better. 

Next, wipe down the door with a clean cloth to remove any dust. 

Once the door is clean and dry, you can start painting or staining. In the case of a roller, start at the top of the door and work your way down. For best results, apply two coats of paint or stain, allowing each coat to dry completely.

Congratulations, You have successfully mounted metal shed doors with wood. By following these steps, you can ensure that your door is installed correctly and looks great. Now you can enjoy the looks of a traditional wooden door without having to worry about maintenance.

What are the Benefits of Installing Wood Doors on a Metal Shed?

What are the Benefits of Installing Wood Doors on a Metal Shed

Wood doors have many benefits over metal doors when installed around a metal shed. Most people think that wood doors are only for aesthetics, but they offer much more. You might be surprised to know that wood doors can save you money in the long run. Here are some reasons why you should install wood doors for metal sheds:

1. Durability:

When it comes to sheds, one of the most important considerations is durability. After all, you want your shed to be able to withstand the elements and protect your belongings from the elements. Metal sheds are known for their durability, yet they are vulnerable to damage from rodents and insects. 

Wood doors provide an extra layer of protection against these pests and offer superior protection from the elements. Apart from that, wood doors are typically more aesthetically pleasing than metal doors, making them a great choice for any shed.

2. Energy Efficiency:

One of the main advantages of putting wooden shed doors on metal sheds is their energy efficiency. In extreme weather conditions, whether very hot or very cold, insulated metal doors can help keep the temperature inside the shed more stable. 

This can protect any items you have stored inside from damage caused by extreme temperatures. Also, it can help to keep your energy bills down as you will not have to use as much power to heat or cool the shed.

3. Increased Value:

Wood doors can add a touch of elegance to a metal door and increase its value. Because wood is a natural material, it adds a level of warmth and character that is often lacking in metal sheds. 

The doors on wood sheds are also usually more substantial than their metal counterparts, which can make a shed feel more substantial overall. As a result, using wood doors for a metal shed can be an excellent way to maximize its value.

These are just a few reasons why wood doors are an excellent accompaniment to a metal shed. If you are considering adding doors to your shed, be sure to keep these benefits in mind.


Let’s take a look at some common questions people have about using wood doors on metal sheds. It’ll be helpful to know the answers to these questions before starting your project.

Will installing wood doors make my metal shed rust?

Will installing wood doors make my metal shed rust

If you’re considering installing wood doors on your metal shed, there’s no need to worry about rust. Metal shed doors are often made of steel, which is highly resistant to rusting. 

In any case, if you live in an area with high humidity or salt air, you may want to consider using a rust-resistant primer on the double door frames before installing the doors. This will help to protect the metal from corrosion and ensure that your doors last as long as possible.

What is the best type of wood to use for a door on my metal shed?

For my metal shed door, the best wood is framing lumber. Framing lumber is made of a 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 inch wood shed that is cut into specific lengths and used to form the frame of a house or other building. 

The lumber is also treated with chemicals to resist insects and rot. This makes it an ideal choice for the door of a metal shed, as it will be durable and long-lasting. On top of that, framing lumber is relatively inexpensive, making it a cost-effective option for this project.

How do you attach wood to the metal without screws?

There are a few ways to attach metal to wood without screws, the most common of which is glue. You can use any glue that works with the materials you’re using, but some glues work better than others. 

For example, epoxy is a strong glue that can be used almost anywhere, making it a good choice for attaching metal to wood. Gorilla Glue is another option that works well on a variety of surfaces, and it’s especially good for bonding uneven or porous surfaces.

Why does my metal shed leak?

One common problem with storage sheds made of metal is that they can leak, letting water in and damaging the contents. There are a number of reasons why this may happen. One possibility is that the shed wasn’t installed properly, and the roof isn’t sealed correctly. 

Another possible explanation is that the roof is damaged from wear and tear or severe weather. If you suspect that your shed is leaking, it’s important to take action quickly. Otherwise, the damage will only get worse.


Now that you have learned how to put wood doors on a metal shed, you can take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer. It’s the perfect way to increase the value of your shed and make it more comfortable to use. Just be sure to take the time to do it right, and you’ll be enjoying your new doors for many years to come.

We hope this article has been helpful. Always remember to take safety precautions before starting any DIY project. It is best to have someone with you to help and always read the instructions carefully. Thanks for reading.

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